Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hi everyone,

I apologize for not posting for a couple days but I feel like ive been so tired and busy and havent had an opportunity to sit down and really work on my blog...sorryyyy!!!

new stuff to report is that Ive recently been featured on Maxim.com as well as BarStoolSports.com which is amazing!!! and even more amazing, my xmas video has gotten over 100,000 views!!! Thats pretty awesome right?!

To remind you of my xmas video...

I also had a photoshoot last night that went pretty well...there were a couple bumps in the road but Im over all pretty happy with the shots...And dont worry, I'll be posting them in a couple days ;)

I also havent shown you much of what I got for xmas!! I got a tank top with attached garters, I got some thigh high pantyhose, leggings, a little mermaid water bottle, chocolates, a skirt, and a pretty bracelet :) I'm sure I also got some other things and i'm just forgetting! n_n

Anyways, Ive also got my gym bug back, which i'm super psyched about!! doing my regular 45 mins of cardio, then abs...I really dont feel the need to do anything else, lol but occasionally i'll add in some leg machines and arms...I also have a few more shoots coming up which will be fun...

I'll be sure to post more pics in the upcoming days, and even today!!!

love yah's!!




  2. Wow! I like that alot Mina! Now if only you you were waking up in bed next to me dressed like that I would die a happy man. *sigh*

  3. Such a busy bee you are; but as always, thanks for showing the love :D