Thursday, December 2, 2010

quick update!

hey everyone!

im so sorry that i have posted anything since monday, but i was (and still am) having some major computer problems :( :( :( I had to go to the Apple Store yesterday to get it repaired, and even though they installed a new hard drive, they also said that my computer was on its last leg and I really need to consider getting a new one. Even right now, trying to write a basic text blog entry, it keeps freezing after every sentence or so... such a bummer. I think I'm going to have to make a Chip-In for a new computer. Hopefully I'll get help with this one, because without a new computer, I'm not able to make any real blog posts, take any pictures or make any videos. :(

Thats my news :/



  1. Sounds like another page in the story of life. Around the holidays too.....never fails. At least you know the new computer will work properly. Later.....have a good one

  2. You really should try this place called the iHospital,
    They are amazing, Heard them on Bubba the love sponge on Sirius radio and they swear by them.