Friday, December 10, 2010


i found this today :

Big Boss | Sherlyn Chopra Social networking websites have spawned a whole new breed of voyeuristic babes happy to chronicle their sexy exploits. Needless to say, we are all for such technological advances that showcase this beauty.
If nothing else, it brings these babes closer to their admirers and also fosters a sense of competition amongst these pouty ladies. Sherlyn Chopra is known to be one who does not take things lying down.
So, in a ‘Top Ten’ list compiled by American blogger Jessica Galliart, Chopra has been relegated to second place, behind the smokin’ hot Mina Stefan, known for the cleavage pics she uploads or what she ate for lunch. “I’ve been given the second place.
Well,without mincing my words. I would like to say that I’m not mighty thrilled to be on the list,” she says, continuing, “If you take a close look at my image gallery on my social networking website account, you will see that the imagery content is very artistic and boasts of effortless sensuality.
My manager, Atul Kasbekar, who’s an ace photographer strongly believes that my quality when photographed is almost of a supernatural beauty. It is unfair to compare me with girls who have nothing but tangible assets to showcase.



  1. Firstly, I believe that they are right to say "smokin' hot Mina Stefan". Secondly, I think she should come back down to earth and not think that she has supernatural beauty. Thirdly, she should be honoured to be compared with you. And lastly, how can she say that you have only tangible assets? I think you have a great personality on top of all the sexiness! :)

  2. "It is unfair to compare me with girls who have nothing but tangible assets to showcase"...says the girl who is photographed for her...tangible assets. I prefer your tangible ASSet Mina..just sayin'. ;)

  3. pretty funny she & her manager are mad about your success! :)

  4. Hey, Let the haters hate.....I'm sure you work out hard for your with that being said, she can F#!k herself and her manager can eat sh!t. later gator don't sweat the BS..there is too much of it!

  5. I concur with your demur. I think that your blog, which seems to be about fun and beauty, explains your position perfectly without having to defend it.
    You have nothing to which to respond -- a smear by an envious person does not deserve any reply.