Monday, November 22, 2010

Miserable Monday

Its a miserable monday here in Toronto....dark grey skies, windy...the kind of morning that makes you want to stay in bed until the next day...Although, one thing about Toronto, that you dont see in NY, is when it rains or its super damp, it looks like the buildings are crying because there are so many historical brick buildings...In NY, you just dont really see that. 

Anyways, Im hanging out in the club lounge, already ate some granola and yoghurt and now i'm sipping on some coffee and also have an orange juice on stand by. I have some super important errands to run, one of which, includes the pharmacy for some....lady products...not a good start to my week and its not even 9am lol

Anyways, I hope that everyones day goes a little better then mine is so far...

me right now...


  1. You put sunshine just as you appear, so, to us, this day doesn't look so gloomy already... I hope the rest of the day turn better... Watch out, do not catch a cold, and take care...
    When evereything gloomy, stay warmy !

  2. Hey, how r u? I always see u happy. Remember, shakespere said: Whateve happens, even in the day mor blustery the hous passes.

  3. hope your day gets a little better..:)