Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Morning

Today its looking quite nice out...clear blue skies, happy sunshine...lets hope today is a great day for everyone.

My plans today include heading up to my moms because i'm still in Canada...She REALLLY wants to see me, and I cant blame her, I am her baby. So today I'll head up there and spend maybe a week there...Lets face it, I've got a whole lot of nothing going on in NY right now so it's not like I really need to go back.

I check up on Chola daily with my friend and we cam together on Ichat and I see her...Its so cute because Chola doesnt understand how I'm in the box(computer) so she'll look behind the computer screen trying to find me...breaks my heart but shes having a good time playing with her friend Chloe a mini pin...Strange how their names are so similar...I never noticed it before until now lol

Anyways, other then that, I dont really have a lot going on...I'll do my best to take some pics at my moms but dont get your hopes up too high lol

But for now, enjoy these :)


  1. Hope you have a great day, and thanks for the sexy pictures, you are so hot....

  2. Stay warm and always nice to look back at your archived photos of you :)

  3. wow thanks 4 ur RED HOT pictures :-)), who has taken these pics ????