Tuesday, September 14, 2010

wisdom teeth - take 2

So today was the day.  I went in, waited a grueling hour an a half to be called, but when i was, it happened fast!! they immediately brought me into the chair, and I began to FREAK OUT!!! fussing, crying, changing my mind...the whole nine!!! He then suggested that we change rooms so that he could give me some gas to calm me down...it helped, not as well as i would have liked but i let him give me the IV and that was it! I woke up all stuffed with gauze, not feeling too much of anything....it was in the ride home that the pain really began to hit me. A LOT.  Thankfully, I had a friend with me who dropped me off in bed and went to duane reade(pharmacy) to pick up my percocets...
Right now, Im sitting in bed, unable to sleep, my mouth stuffed with paper towel that Im changing out every 15 minutes or so from the bleeding...and Ive taken 2 percocets for the pain and they're definitly NOT working...im still in a crazy amount of pain...I dont want to take too many so I'm going to have to wait a few more hours before I can do anything else...

Oh!!! I forgot to mention, that he didnt even take out all 3!!! my bottom right tooth is so deeply imbedded and the nerve is wrapped around the root, that he wasnt able to get it out...he opened it up and saw that it was deeper then he thought.  He was originally going to do a crownectomy, where they remove the top part of the tooth, leaving the roots behind, but it was too deep and too close to the bone...*sigh*

so with all that said, I hope you have a much better day then im having....

leave me nice comments to make me feel better <3


                 *back to Brooklyn!*

                 *recovering in bed...not a pretty sight*


  1. Minah, darling, feel better. My extraction aftermath video (YouTube) should help cheer you up.
    Feel better soon!


  2. so sorry your hurting! please feel better!

  3. I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once a long time ago and remember waking up the same way. The pain will subside and you'll be back to your regular self with a beautiful smile!

  4. well I hope the pain isn't to bad take it easy for the next few days and feel better *hugs*

  5. Get well soon! The pain will decrease, it's only matter of time. And you will be fine and beautiful, as usual. Best regards!

  6. Get better soon, I know you hurt a lot now but in the long run it'll be so much better. You still look stunning...

  7. I hope You will be fine sonn gorgeous