Sunday, September 12, 2010


So I'm always trying to think of new things that I can do to make my blog as interesting as possible and make you wanting to come back multiple times a day :)

I just asked you guys on both twitter and facebook and your requests seem to be for more video blogs! Thats great and very easy for me to do...Is there anything else you'd like to see from me?  Maybe some movie or video game reviews? Or fitness tips? Cooking tips?  I'm totally open to suggestions here and want to make my blog the best one out there!!

I could also do entire recipes where I take cute pics from beginning to end, and also add the recipe in for anyone that wants to try it! (All recipes will be bachelor friendly for those who aren't the best in the kitchen ;)

Let me know your thoughts!!



  1. the fitness & cooking tips are a good idea!

  2. Taking us through a full recipe with pictures is a wonderful idea! Basically anything that takes us through more of your daily experiences is a lot of fun. Thank you.

  3. you can do review like you said but do sexy video review of movies,games,etc.
    remember almost everybody come to your blog to see so more material everyday is better.
    Make contest to give aways free picture set or something to one user every week or something similar.

  4. i think that you are beautiful and very funny, so i think that you can take pics or vids from you every place you go. Make sexy things in public places and show us. i dont know, its only a suggestion. anyway i like your blog a lot and i enjoy it everytime you make a new post. tnx. xxx

  5. Fitness, cooking, and fashion tips would be awesome. Video for the cooking and healthy too ;) i think you can do complicated ones with proper instruction guys tend to follow direction pretty well.
    Id say anything that can help all us be better/more improved versions of ourselves makes a good topic.