Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fan Question

Q: Hey Mina do you follow some sort of diet ? How many times per week do you work out ? You look sooooooo good. <3

- From JesseJo

A: Hi Jesse, 
Thank you so much :) I dont really follow a strict diet of any sort. I just try to make smart choices in my day to day eating like "sugar free" "light or fat free" and I almost never drink any sort of soda. I also avoid red meat and usually stick to fish or chicken. I always try to drink water or tea (except my morning coffee) and I also never deprive myself of a craving! 
regarding working out, I work out only when I feel like it...Sometimes it could be 5 times a week and others it could be once a week.

I hope this was a good answer for you :)



  1. Awww thank you for the answer, you're so sweet and gorgeous!
    I try to stay away from the soda too and I usually succeed lol but its hard for me to stay away from the morning croissants with caffe latte hehe.
    Anyway keep up the good job, love your blog <3