Monday, September 6, 2010

Busy #MinaMonday!

I had a very busy day today!! Started at 7am with a "boudoir" style photoshoot up in Times Square.  Because it was so early and a holiday, I had never seen TS to deserted...It was a total ghost town...Wish I had brought my camera to show you guys because Im sure you dont believe me! lol
After my shoot, I had to run back downtown to my place, wash my face to get all the make up off, quickly make a sandwich for lunch and rush out the door to my second shoot...a MOVIE role!!! how cool is that, right?! So my role was very small, but still, I was the sexy girl who was walking down the street and got "hit on" by one of the characters and I had to curse at him and hit on a different character.  It was a super small and insignificant roll, but it was fun for me to see if I could ever see myself "acting"...which I totally can!! I had SO MUCH FUN!!! =D
Once that was all said and done, I took a nice stroll home to wind down, and was feeling a bit peckish...lucky me to have past what looked like am NYPD community bbq thing...there was a bunch of cops (in uniform) all around a bunch of tables and a bbq!  So I approached them and asked them how much they were charging for a hotdog...I figured they were raising money or something.  The cop turned the bbq back on for me, and grilled me up 2 hotdogs on the spot, free of charge! *^_^*  How awesome is that?!

So, right now, I'm sitting on my couch with Chola curled up beside me and were watching the movie Underworld on TV...My back is killing me from shooting all day and I have 2 tooth on each side T_T  <---crying face

I'm going to take some pain killers and call it a night!  Tomorrow my day is filled with lots of photos, a few vids, and lots of editing!!! (and maybe even a ustream show)

Hopefully I wake up to some more donations to my wisdom tooth fund. Theres only 1 more full day to donate!! I really need the help and I'll send you a sexy photo back as thanks!!! Promise!! 

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