Friday, August 27, 2010

Fan Question


Have you ever had really short hair like a boy cut? You look like you would look awesome with short hair.

- Cole

Dear Cole,

ONCE I had a boy cut but it was not what you think it would be LOL. I used to have gorgeous long hair (like I do now) and I never took care of it. I would run wild with this rats nest in my hair...I must have been about 8 (?)...Anyways, my mother got so frustrated with my that she took me into the salon for a "trim" and the hair dresser literally cut ALL of my hair off. ALL OF IT. Next time I go to my mothers, which will be next month, I'll be sure to take a pic and show you! LOL I def think I had ugly duckling syndrome...

Anyways, after a few years with the horrible hair, like 7 years, I finally got it to a normal length. As we see here :)

Hope that answers your question!!



  1. i like the red hair pic!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the answer. Have a good weekend with your friend.