Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey guys!
I just got back from my fail at the gym...i went out for dinner last night for a friends birthday and got eaten alive by misquitos...I thought that the wine was making me dizzy but now that I look at my legs, i see that the dizziness was from blood loss =/
Anyways, the birthday was good and we went to an italian place...i had my usual...beef carpaccio and then some pasta...last night my choice was gnocci.
But before all of this happened I spent my day thinking that I was going to go all over manhatten to get good prices on groceries...LOL i had this amazing vision of going to china town and picking up a bunch of yummy seasonal fruits and veggies to make all these tasty things :) And then I was going to go to Jack's and pick up other things i needed like cleaning supplies...this all went down the toilet when I got half way to china town lol! So i just stopped somewhere for a bowl of pho and went home :)
I'm sure your wondering how on earth im supposed to get anything done at home, but fear not!! FRESH DIRECT! so I log on, and in big red letters it reads "FRESH DIRECT WILL BE CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY JULY 14 FOR OUR EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY"

-_- fail.

So i said screw everything and grabbed a pinkberry then a tan...way better idea that I should have done in the first place! lol

Hope everyone has a great dayyy!!


  1. your getting more and more beautiful every day :) maybe its love

    Would be great if you followed me on twitter, @ollieoioioi

  2. i hope it was a freak thing with the bugs, they were horrible last year @ my beach house in rockaway, don't want to go through that again. who has employee app day on a wed? that sucks have it on a fri or mon if you really appreciate them!

  3. I cant deny.. U r so sexy too