Sunday, July 11, 2010


so let me start off by saying Congratulations to Spain for winning the world cup. They worked hard and earned their victory this year :)

now...back to the important things :) I started my day with chit chatting with Veronica about our photoshoots and discussing what we thought of our pictures and exchanging pics...To be honest, im not blown away with any of the pictures I got but, not all photoshoots can be has to do with the chemistry you have with the photographer and how good he/she is...But anyways, after all that I of course had to go to the gym and then walked all over chinatown trying to find a good dumpling place so that I wouldnt have to go uptown...why is it that the best dumpling places are uptown??? i never understood that...
After dumplings i walked around more through chinatown, then through little italy and then soho...i stopped by the mango lady and munched away on tasty mangos as i browsed through air conditioned stores :) gotta stay cool in weather like this. It then occoured to me that I was going to be staying in tonight for dinner because of TrueBlood and needed to make something! So i walked back to little italy and hit up DiPalos for some wonderful italian goodies :) Burrata cheese (creamy mozzerella), Parmasean cheese, Ricotta cheese, Procuitto, mortadella and a small loaf of italian bread. After my 45 minute stay there i headed uptown to grab a quick tan and a pinkberry!! A lot of you keep asking what pinkberry is...Pinkberry is an american frozen yogurt chain that allows you to mix and match your toppings...they have a large assortment with lots of different fruits and cereals, liquid toppings (chocolate, honey, etc)...its very never fails to brighten my day :D Then I came home...all the heat from the day has made me exhausted and my legs are killing me from not only working out this morning but from walking all day! But im not done yet...after this im going to head over to my local produce stand and buy some fresh goodies for dinner and to have in the house :)

hope everyone had a great day and be sure to leave comments!!!



  1. Omg I love your blog it's so cool :) I gotta work on mine more I am just so busy! and.. I love PinkBerry I eat Mochi almost every couple weeks it's just like PB but sooooooo much better b/c the price is measured by weight and they have like... 10 flavors! it's insane. I love Pinkberry too though.

  2. You look more beautiful with each passing day.

    By the way, what is this new Watermelon flavor at Pinkberry that Kim Kardashian is talking about. Did you try that one? I usually go to Red Mango because it's a little milder flavor, but I might try Pinkberry again.

  3. wow beautiful & can cook a great Italian meal, your the total package;)