Saturday, July 17, 2010


ok so I was supposed to have a photoshoot today but it was unfortunately cancelled :( no biggie i thought, what a perfect opportunity to go see whats new in my favorite stores and also investigate maybe getting those new sneakers I was talking about...So before anything, I had to start with breakfast!! I just went across the street to this little diner and had my bacon and eggs...nothing spectacular but it did the job...After I headed over to DSW to see what was new in the clearance section as well as any new stuff they may have gotten in...I also browsed around in the sneaker section but I had a really hard time because "womens running" doesnt say much about a shoe =/ needless to say, i made my way over to clearance and found an amazing pair of dressy flats that are perfect for those nights I dont want to wear heels but still want to make an impression ;) They're black leather with cool chains that go around my awesome. After words I stopped at Rite-Aid to pick up some bubble bath mix...
Then after, a very helpful follower directed me a store called "Jackrabbit" where they specialize in running shoes. They even put me on a treadmill to see how I run and it turns out that because i have weird feet and ankles I need stability shoes. Those things aren't cheap but I suppose if I want to be able to continue walking and moving in 10 years the small investment is worth it. Anyhoooo....after all that hassel I saw that The Gap was having a small sale...sooo, i strolled right in and immediately started picking things up off the racks. A sweater, a button down shirt, a dress, a naturally....Change room pics!!!
I didnt get the dress but I got everything else

After all this running out in the heat I got all tired and decided to go home and rest... :)

I'll post again in a little bit with some more pics of what I wore to get comfortable


  1. That sounds like you had a great day. Love the pics. Thanks so much for always posting such wonderful photos.

  2. love your taste Mina

  3. well at least nothing shitty happened. i was wondering, do you have photo shoots every day? i don't see why you wouldn't and i'm sure it beats working in a restaurant or pub or even going to school. plenty of time for that later. i am a bit older than you and i think i will try to get in school for the winter. anyways, you most definetly look hot in all you wear and when you don't wear anything ,very hot too. love those pics..

  4. wow, that long dress is you !

  5. I'd love to see you walking around in the striped dress......

  6. u always look like a princess!