Tuesday, June 1, 2010


hello everyone
These past few days have been so busy for me. I was in Atlantic City for the weekend hosting some parties all over the city and it consisted of early mornings and late nights. Even though I had a blast at them I wish I didnt have to be moving again!!! you see, where I was, was unbelievably over priced so Ive found a new place, a cute little studio, open concept, and Ive furnished it with all IKEA stuff....which I spent the last 2 days building..ugh. I hate DIY...I know I can pay people to do it but Id rather do it on my schedule then theirs. Im so angry that I had my mattress scheduled to arrive today and it didnt!!! so now, im in a hotel for the night due to my lack of mattressness. tomorrow I get my mattress, my cable, my internet, and homephone. Another busy day...And THEN I hope I have enough energy to go on cam for a little bit...I know I keep saying I'm gonna go back on but ive either had no internet, no time, or no energy. so frustrating!!! >_<

Anyways, I hope you guys are well and that my life will be back to normal soon *sigh*



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  1. moving is the worst but just keep thinking how happy you'll be when it's done! can't wait to see you on cam again!