Thursday, April 8, 2010

inspire me!

hey guys,

lately ive been feeling uninspired and would love to get some suggestions or ideas of some things youd like to see from me! but please, keep in mind, NO NUDITY!!! other then that, im up for almost anything.

so hit me with your best shot! FIRE AWAAAYYYYYYY

LOL! i heard that song today in the nail salon ;)

cant wait to hear your thoughts!




  1. =) u r so beautiful like you are... and in every pic, u r adorable and sexy...
    but I will email u one of my thoughts!! XD

  2. This might be off what you're willing to do, but I would love to see a fully clothed mastrabation video or picture series. Something along the lines of what they do on

    Just a thought.

  3. I really appreciate your sense of "mystery" by NOT showing everything. The imagination is a very powerful sexual tool, and you have really captured the best way to stimulate that. (Besides that, you are an incredibly beautiful woman!)
    As to what i would like to see, hope about this:
    It's an old Herb Albert Album cover that I think is incredibly hot! Keep up the great work. Mango