Tuesday, April 20, 2010

happy tuesday!

I feel like so much as already happened today! i woke up and was out the door by 10am because I had the maid coming to clean, and also had some errands to run....Chola came along when we went to the bank and stopped in some stores...I was back home shortly after noon and made a quick bagel w/ cream cheese and green tea and started some "admin work"...i'm sure your wondering what admin work I could possibly have but i can assure I DO have stuff to do that isnt fun...but after my not to fun work i got to be sexy! I put on this hot little pink and blue number and made another smokin video thats sure to burn your monitors ;) but you wont be able to see it yet!!! gotta wait till friday!!! Until then, enjoy these few cute pics of me in the outfit and a short clip of my boobies!!!



  1. friday seems a LONG ways away but we can be patient!! ;)

  2. wow love the dancing flower, but it simply fades into the back ground compared to you, Many thanks

  3. I love u <3
    Everytime I see ur smile I fall on ur feets :)