Thursday, March 25, 2010

Im in Miami BITCH!

so i know I havent posted in a while, but thats because ive just been so busy, and to be honest, i havent really had much to report in the way of "mina stefan news". Im in Miami for winter music conference, i think its the largest music "festival/conference" in the world, and this year is even busier then most because its the 25th anniversary! lots of people!! Of course, i have to stay on the main strip in south beach, collins ave/A1A some of the best hotels are here! the delano, the shore club, the sagamore, the raleigh, W...just to name a few...i wont tell you where I am just cause i dont need you guys trying to sneak in my room!

Today was gorgeous out!!! i went for breakfast at the raleigh and ate outside, its so pretty there with all the trees and such, so nice :) then i went to change into my bikini and hit the beach...i would in most cases go to the pool but because its WMC, every pool in every hotel is RAMMED because people are partying as early as like 11am so all the chairs are taken and everyone becomes a drunken i asked the front desk nicely and they gave me a complimentry beach chair :) the sand was really nice, ive always liked it here, so i chilled out and for the first 40 minutes or so the was kind of cloudy and not so perfect...but after a big bunch of clouds went by the sun was shining strong! i stayed out for about an hour and a half or so then at about 2ish i went to meet some friends over at the that how you spell it? doesnt matter, anyways, i met up with them and we went to the W to grab a bite and check out a party that was there...the food was terrible but the party was good :) i stayed there for a little bit and went back to the raleigh and cafe bustelo was there (a cool new coffee company) and they were giving out free icecream :) like i had mentioned on last weeks chat, im not big on icecream, but i just couldnt help myself when its complimentry! LOL i took my free icecream and went on my merry way back to my hotel room, had a nice long shower and then took some pics...both with my webcam and with the camera...i'll have to post the other pics later because i didnt bring the cord with me...but, here are some of the webcam pics i took today

hope you like them!



  1. In Miami? If only I could meet up with you.....

  2. love it!! have fun!

  3. Love the new blog.

  4. I love the smile, that u hide in ur lips! xoxo