Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cosmic Joke...

Ok, so some of you may have noticed my tweet this morning about my terrible night and how i feel the universe played a cosmic joke on me...let me tell you about it.

Last night after Amie and I went to the gym we decided to go to the movies. We wanted to see the movie Lovely Bones which started at 9:20. I quickly threw on my ripped jeans and a tank (no bra) with my brown heel boots and rushed out the door. We JUST barely made it in, after stopping for some nachos because I was hungry after the gym (and then feeling guilty about buying them without even tasting one). As were making our way to our seats, shimming our way oquardly through the row I suddenly feel myself about to wipe out. I let out a huge *GASP* as i fell to the ground with my nachos flying up in the air (quite comical for those who witnessed it i'm sure). I dont know if there was butter, a spilled drink or whatever but it was like an ice rink in there. I fell so hard and on such a bad angle I was in so much pain. Just as I start to get up (while cursing loudly) I slip AGAIN! Nobody in the theater was laughing because they saw how bad I was hurt...Amie was helping me get back across to the aisle and then all of a sudden, she fell too!!! We finally get out and I started yelling and screaming for the manager. She calls the paramedics and then goes with Amie to check out if I was lying or what the deal was, and she comes back to say "yeah that is slippery, I almost fell myself"...what an idiot. So, I ended up going to the hospital, getting some X-rays to find out that while I have nothing broken (thank goodness) I'm going to be in a hell of a lot of pain and that I may have fractured a rib...So the doctor was really nice and gave me lots of good pain meds to keep it under control.

This morning I woke up feeling rough. I dont really like to tweet about negative stuff a lot so thats why you didnt hear about it. I met a friend for brunch at noon and then after brunch I had to come straight home and stay in bed because I was hurting so bad.

On top of everything else my poor Amie is sick at home with a cold :(

not a fun weekend :( :( :(



The reason I titled this a "cosmic joke" is because I went to see the movie "lovely bones" and almost broke one :P


  1. aww hope you feel better soon hun! :( I have been in the wars this weekend too and I have to stay off work due to having badly sprained my left ankle which is all swollen and nasty and in agony! Not quite as bad as a rib fracture I know xoxo