Monday, October 26, 2009

Update :)

Hey Guys,

I'm so pumped up to shoot my calendar in 6 days!!! I'm going away to the caribbean (cant say where yet!) and i'm getting the last few things together to be fully prepared. Bikini's. Check. Lingerie. Semi-check. Accessories. Check. Make-up. Check. Photographer. Check.
Tomorrow I'm going to head over to H&M and maybe Victoria's Secret to pick up some extra lingerie. A girl can NEVER have too much lingerie!!! ^_^
I'm also really excited because I can never say no to a hot place. As much as I really do love NYC, as soon as it gets even a teensy bit chilly, I'm looking for any excuse to go anywhere warm!

And dont forget to email me about pre-ordering my calendar!!! If you order before Oct 31, 2009 11:59EST, you'll get some free
goodies with it!!!

Love ya!


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  1. add me on twitter miss

    xxxxx ur so sexxy