Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Always pay attention to DETAIL!

A few of you have had the pleasure of viewing me in ways that others have not. How you ask? By the picture sets that I occasionally sell to my fans and followers. But when I take these pictures for you, I find it very important to pay attention to the little details. And in case some of you are unsure what I mean by that, allow me to explain. :)

When I do my make up, I like to make sure my eyes are screaming "come fuck me" along with the look of want and desire the entire time. My hair, Down, straight, shiny with lots of volume like I just had a good pounding.

I like when there are sequential photos like where I'm wearing a tight pair of jeans and a tight white tank top with a bra and panties on underneath. The first picture from the front of me (looking sexy of course). Second picture from behind in the same outfit. Completely clothed still but showing off that incredible ass of mine in those tight jeans.
Then, Keeping the jeans on but take off that tank top. Picture me from the front in the bra and tight jeans. After, picture it from behind, as I unbutton the jeans and pull them down a little just so you can see the top of my thong panties from behind with me looking back over my shoulder.
With my jeans still on but seeing my thong I'm in a doggy position looking over my shoulder at you. Next, I take off the jeans so you I'm in nothing but the bra and panties, picture me from the front. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed facing the camera with my legs spread with one hand on my breast and one hand in my panties touching myself.
I'm sitting on the edge of the bed facing the camera with my legs spread with one hand on my breast and I'm holding a fan sign in between my legs. The fan sign says whatever you'd like, if any. Then, me in doggy position in the sexy thong panties with one hand on my perfect ass and looking over my shoulder at you.
After I move to the floor and lay on my back arching it upwards in nothing but my bra and panties to really showcase my amazing curves. Then after, I'm topless in just the panties holding my breasts together but covering my nipples and sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs spread facing the camera.
Then lastly, me holding the fan sign over my topless breasts but showing as much of them as I can without showing any nipples with my legs spread at the edge of the bed.

Just think about the endless possibilities little details can do for you, and me ;)

Want your own pics? email me info@minastefan.com and tell me everything you'd like me to do for you

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