Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photo Requests

I have received an overwhelming amount of requests from followers and fans and Twitter people for Photos. I have been trying to think of a way to make everyone happy so they get special pics just of me that they would like to see. So here is my plan.

If you are interested in a Private photo set I will email You 6 Photos. I will hold up a sign with whatever you like printed on it so you know these are just for you.
U can choose between sexy bikini, Hot panties, or birthday suit...remember guys no nudes..but will make each photo as sexy and hot and mind blowing as possible without giving up the farm hahaha.I promise that you will die when you see what my special gifts are that I cant post on twitpic! xoxo

Remember I donate my proceeds to the Humane Society ...
I am only charging $20.00 for 6 hot sexy custom photos, and since this takes time I am only going to accept the first 25 people...

If you are interested ,please email me at info@minastefan.com and I will explain how payment and ask some additional questions for your little shoot. You will see me like never before.

Remember I am only accepting the first 25 people. Sorry but its all that time will allow. I aim to please ..and I can't wait to please each one of you.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon.



  1. Hey for those of you that pay and get the pictures done can you post them so the rest of us can see? lol.

  2. hi I'm new to this blogging stuff. I'm one of your friends on twitter and I saw your link for this. what exactly is this? LOL my name on twitter is paulychitchat