Monday, June 27, 2011

monday madness

So I woke up this morning in a pretty foul reason in particular, but i guess it was just one of those IS monday after all...I was in bed for a little while answering some emails then i got up and did some work, lots in fact...considering my grounchiness i got quite a lot done. After all my work I took Chola for a walk to get some frozen yogurt! on my way there I saw a topless girl from naked news and was like "schwing"! LOL

Right after I passed naked chick, I passed an Iced Cream truck giving out FREE ICED CREAM SANDWICHES!!! It was the kind with 2 chocolate chip cookies...Ive personally never tried those kind before simply because i dont like chocolate chip cookies :/ So...I opened up that bad boy AAAAAND

I'd like to you keep in mind after this iced cream sandwich i still went to the frozen yogurt place and ordered a medium loaded with fruit and lucky charms...which have now triggered a psycho lucky charm craving that i must fight at all costs. 

On my way back from my frozen treat mission I was stopped by the naked lady and asked to do an interview!! How fun!! In looking back, i think i was a little weird because she was so...whats the word...topless. lol haha, but it was lots of fun and the interview will be out on next month, so I'll keep my eye out for it and post it here :) 

When I got home, i continued doing lots of computer work and still am now...I just finished a nicoise salad (home made) for lunch, it was uber tasty!! 

Anyways, this is getting kind of longish, soo, check in later on for some more pics ;)


(this is literally what I look like answering emails in between custom videos) 


  1. That Naked News run in was awesome...I'm glad you go a picture and look forward to seeing the interview Love to know what she asked you....should have asked you to apply lol....We don't have any topless women walking or standing around in Florida unless they get arrested!!

  2. Sounds like a fun afternoon and I can't wait to see the interview...

  3. I'm happy your afternoon made up for the bad morning! Looking fine n' sexy as always ;)

    Can't wait to see that interview!

  4. Wow had no idea u or she was gonna be there I was in that exact spot Sunday woulda stayed if I only knew...smh

  5. that last pic is gorgeous. You look pretty

  6. Cant wait to see the interview :) what kind of questions did they ask you?