Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sheer Purple

Hey guys,

I'm totally LOVING my quiet weekend! I refuse to open my email until Monday morning because I've had such a relaxing time not jumping every 5 seconds to a "ding" from my phone telling me another email has come in...
Of course, I AM an internet addict and have been guilty of checking my twitter a couple times and also doing my blog updates too...I dont want to leave you guys bored ;)
I received this super hot outfit from and I think it looks great! Of course, if you couldnt tell by their name, they offer more then just lingerie ;) Why dont you go check 'em out and see if you cant find something for your girlfriend, wife, or even yourself ;)


  1. you're absolutely gorgeous in purple!

  2. Wow that looks amazing on you! :D
    Must be very liberating to not have to check your phone all the time :)

  3. That looks totally hot on you Mina...Those pictures completely changed my mood for the day...and that second to last one is going to have to be saved to my PC...OMG you kill in that outfit. Thanks for posting during your mini break...its thoughtful of you and yes that site is cool...some real nice things on there.

  4. You look so amazingly hot in that outfit, love how it shows off every curve of that perfect body of yours....

  5. I've said it before but looking at this set of pics makes me more sure of it ... you have one of THE BEST bodies on the world wide web! :) its making me want to check into you blog every day just to get a glimpse :)