Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I feel like today is one of those Pillsbury cresent rolls commercials, where everyone is lazy and doing nothing all I woke up a little earlier then I would normally like for a sunday and went with a friend for him to get his haircut...of course, I stopped at starbucks for my much need coffee. Tall Pike please! :) so he met me at my place and we walked to the salon and from there walked through the villiage to eat breakfast at some diner off bleeker...dont remember the name of it...doesnt matter, what DOES matter was that my breakfast was crap. I ordered the "Hungry Mans" breakfast which came with 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and french toast. My scrambled eggs were solid and rubbery. My bacon and ham were burned and my french toast was burned and rawish on the inside...clearly, this dumb "chef"s griddle was on waaayyy too high and managed to demolish my food with very little effort...*sigh* After breakfast we just walked around town until i got cold and tired and went home...ate some pineapple and had a which, i am now here writing this while Chola is on my lap, drinking my green tea from my mug...crazy dog

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday!




to those of you who were friends with me on facebook, I'm sorry that I've been shut down :( I'll let you know when I'm back up and running...if I choose too....


I'm gonig to start camming FULL TIME tomorrow on so keep your eyes open on twitter, i'll be sure to tell you when I'm on ;)


  1. that sux u got shutdown on fb

  2. you are so nice and sexy....
    kiss from chile

  3. can't wait for tonight! love the new pics!!!!

  4. there is that engagement ring again :P